Sandra Llyn was born in Burbank, California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley. This makes her, on occasion, talk like a valley girl. She hasn’t always been a reader, feeling indifferent towards most books. There were some books she loved as a child and teen that kept her reading until she discovered Victoria Holt. Devouring books by Tolkien, Herbert, Brandbury, Zelazney,LeGuin, Hesse and Sayers, she ventured into Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mysteries and Existentialism. Also, she is an avid watcher of TV Shows and movies, honing her storytelling skills on the best of all media.

In 1996 she haunted the Star Wars Cantina Chatroom on the long gone WBS. Here she met her now husband, Ashe, who shares her love of storytelling. Dabbling in writing, she turned to novel writing full time in 2018. This was sidelined in 2019 when an infection necessitated her legs be amputated to save her life. She has one cat, one stepdaughter and, with the exception of ten years in Atlanta, Georgia, has lived in Southern California all her life.

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