Spellbinder: The Seerstone Trilogy Book One

Spellbinder: The Seerstone Trilogy Book One

I am excited to finally reveal the cover for my first novel! A huge shout out to the design team at GetCovers.com for their hard work on the cover art! Coming in May 2021.

Cover Spellbinder volume one

Britta wants no distraction...

Years studying potions as a Fire Wizard to become a Pro is her way of escaping an abusive father. And it will keep the legacy of a musician mama at bay who lived by–and died with–the rock and roll lifestyle. But distracting Bodhi is temptingly irresistible.


Bodhi swims in distraction…

School blows. The magic music in his mind constantly composes, driving him to buy a second hand guitar. He yearns for freedom to launch his rockstar career. But leaving Fire Wizard stuff behind means leaving his cariad, Britta.


…And the call of love and adventure is too seductive to ignore.

When Bodhi sweet-talks her into stealing a lost magic harp, Britta’s future path wends through the past and Bodhi’s future might be outright cancelled. A magical history book—a Spellbinder—goes wrong and sends her nine centuries back in time, while Bodhi is attacked by a curse that’s draining his life away. Whoever did this is going to get a fight. But how can two journeyman Fire Wizards prevail when the unseen foe always changes the rules?

Spellbinder is a romantic tale of high jinks, time travel, and undying devotion, where the heart wields the strongest magic.

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