From The Bottom Of My Heart


It took me years of dabbling and learning to make my first novel. Over a decade in fact. Through health issues, work and life stress, two cross-country moves I sort of lost my gumption.

I found it again after moving from Atlanta back to Los Angeles. So this is when I truly finished my first novel. I began the story in 2004. I finished it in 2021. No pressure.

But, this is a trilogy. And I know what it is to wait for the next book.

One of my favorite stories is by M.K. Wren. Called The Phoenix Trilogy, the second book, Shadow Of The Swan, ends in a cliffhanger where you do not know for certain but it’s apparent the main heroine may have been assassinated. And the hero goes mad. Just a little. All with the future of civilization hanging in the balance.

The final book did come out–two years later. This was the 70s. No internet, no author blog. We just had to wait.

Which is why I’m busting my butt to finish Lady Saffron, the follow up to Spellbinder. I’m two-thirds finished, but I have a good handle on it and expect to have it done in only a few months.

This is a little different from Spellbinder, which takes place over a two month period. Lady Saffron takes place over a thirty year spread. This presented a challenge in keeping it from meandering. Bodhi’s life being cursed in book one made a nice ticking clock, so to speak, and everything moved urgently toward the goal of saving his life or dying in the effort.

Book two has Britta’s rival coming to the fore, Tsurata doing damage control to Britta’s timeline, and the redemption of a character seen only once in Spellbinder: time magician Xerxes Omalora. i’m zooming toward my deadline. And I’m enjoying it. I hope you will, too.



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