Learning Curve

So I just finished my revision of my current Seerstone novel. Book 2 is larger than Book1, but the story is bigger. I have one issue as I start the second pass of the revision.

I keep falling asleep.

I always fall asleep in the middle of reading anything. My eye sight being poor is one factor. Another is my iron and hemoglobin are low so I am prone to sleepiness. I don’t always sleep a full night, or sleep well. My issue is this, though—if one of the things I’m looking for in revision is when my eyes stray from the page in boredom, how can I tell if it’s my medical conditions or not?

This is a big worry. Sometimes, though, the reason is obvious.

I cannot tell you where I learned this, but I tend to say things in three different ways. This might be good stretched out of the length of a novel, but it’s a bad practice in things like a description. Many times my sleepiness makes me look at what I just read and discover repetitive information I can cut.

What if it’s not repetitive, though?

I’m learning to ask myself questions about what I’m seeing when my eyes close, as well as what I’m feeling.

Today, I haven’t eaten yet. This is a factor. Last night I had caffeine a little late. I don’t crash when it wears off, per se, but without food, whatever bolsters my energy dips.

What if it’s none of those things?

I’m now asking these other questions:

  • Is this passage redundant info?
  • Is this passage needed info?
  • Is it too long?
  • Is it worded like a technical manual?
  • Is it in a character’s deep point of view?
  • Does the text vary, or is it sing-song lullaby like?
  • Can I use less words to say the same thing?

While I want my writing to be smooth, concise and a good read, first drafts do not come out that way. This is my second revision of a full manuscript. I have many more revisions to go in my career. However, it’s faster even on this second pass, compared to my first revision. I worked for 8 months on the revision of Book 1, once I knew what I was doing with regards to revision. Book 2 took me about 8 1/2 weeks. I know it will take less time to revise Book 3.

Steep though it may be, I’m climbing that learning curve.

Now I think I’ll get some breakfast and a nap.


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